Crazy Doctor - Free Kids Game

Crazy Doctor Free Android Kids Game

Kids will learn basic medical treatment with fun while they play this game. Patients in the game are not feeling well due to some pain in their body. You have to behave like a real doctor and help those people to get relief from pain by given medical tools.


[li]remove pus using pus remover
[/li][li]Use ice for remove swelling
[/li][li]Use x-ray to find broken bones
[/li][li]Colorful and funky bandage for injured part

and do much more…

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That is cool… This is really useful for kids… Thanks for share link… :slight_smile:

Here’s a list of educational apps and games for kids to learn medicine and dentistry:

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If parents see their kid’s desire to learn medicine, they should download these apps, write down words and / or hire essay writer to learn how to write a research report and start learning important concepts in the early age, when the material is most learnable.