"crash errors" - "mark as old"

I noticed that in the Google Play developer console, when you viewed errors, you had the option to “mark as old”. I presumed this option was there for the following hypothetical scenario:

You have an app which is currently on version 1.1. It repeatedly crashes with some error of type “X”. You make some changes to the code which you hope will fix X. You release this new version with a version number of 1.2. Now you don’t want to be notified every time a user of v1.1 has a crash X (we already know v1.1 has this problem), you only want to be notified if v1.2 has crash X. So you find crash X in the developer console and click the button “mark as old” and then patiently wait to see if there is a new problem X that appears…

…At least that’s how I thought it worked. But then I just happened to be browsing some errors which I had long since “marked as old” and was horrified to see that some of the stack traces for these errors indicated that it was my latest release!.. and they crashed yesterday!

What is going on?? did I mis-understand the meaning of “mark as old”?

Yeah, I never figured it out either. I assume it means “yeah, I looked at that stack trace”… any new ones that come in are no longer ‘old’

it’s a bit embarrassing that the error handling is made such useless by developers. One could think they never have heard of app behaviour :slight_smile:

In the end it is a little bit of help to find errors, but it looks a bit like an idea which was never thought to the end. A simple “show errors of version x” would be enough to make it 100% more useable :slight_smile: Problem is, google cares only for exception class and ignores the version, so it get’s quite messy furing the lifetime of an app. So the “mark as old” should be renamed to “ignore this error” (which it is, actually)

You can always use ACRA (but it can overwhelm you with meaningless reports from cheap Chinese tablets that have bugs). I find Google console useful mostly for detecting errors with null.

Does Google Developer Console catch all errors ? I have a simple app - and generally receive no errors (for 1500 new installs a day). Is this really possible - or is it because google doesn’t catch all errors ?

I have seen errors - caught some legitimate weaknesses, and have seen a certain numbers of errors when I enabled Flurry events (however recently enabled and not seeing any now).

More recently seen occasional errors with Leadbolt AppWall HTML ads - the fix I posted with the null reference may have fixed that.

It doesn’t. It only shows reports from people who clicked “send” on a crash dialog.

Yeah, only people who report the error. I would say it’s probably like 10% or less of total actual errors.

Right - makes sense. On some errors you can see the user’s comment as well.