Craft King - Sandbox game

Hey, folks! Me and my wife-art creator presents.

Multiplayer, night, water and mechanics - on the way!
Wiki will be ready very soon.

Feel free contact me via e-mail - [email protected]. Any questions, suggestions and of course - bug-reports :slight_smile:

You - Craft King!
Explore dungeons, extract resources and craft many items!
Build home and arrange furniture or build your own city - on the ground or underground.
But don’t forget about the enemies that not give you jewelry easy!

[li]Unique sandbox worlds.[/li][li]Dozens of resources.[/li][li]Hundreds of items and furniture.[/li][li]Very easy crafting system.[/li][li]Fully customizable controls.[/li][li]Awesome atmosphere and much more![/li][li]Supports MOGA controllers (for Android)[/li][li]Backup manager[/li][/ul]
Game supports x86 devices!

Powered by libGDX, Spine and KryoNet.
iOS port powered by RoboVM.

Android Full
Android Free:

OSX, Ubuntu and OUYA - on the way.


This is an awesome game, nice work!

XdebugX, thank you very much! :wink:

Nice :slight_smile:
Do you plan to go online ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:
If you mean multiplayer - yes, but WiFi first. In next month.