CPI Base Promotion_KeenMobi

Hey guys,

Today I have decided to place the post to clarify some nuances when you are focusing at CPI base app promotion.

First, some app owners confuse organic installs and incent one. And while have ordered incent installs are surprised why their app is not kept for long period on users devices or not even launched. In itself the incent traffic is made by users who are paid for downloading your app. The main goal of such traffic is boosting installs scale and impact into ranking algorithm in Store.

As a rule users are rarely interested in apps which they download in offer walls, they are interested in rewards primary - so your app is out of true interest for them. While you order incent installs - you do not need to expect real engagement and launching. All installs are the tool for getting higher position in Store and convince organic audition that your app is in demand.

KeenMobicompany is tracking the tendency that app owners are looking for long retention installs and dynamic volume growth. That’s why we offer you 3 brand-new options in CPI promotion:

1) High Speed Installs (installs are extra fast provided to your app and directly affect the ranking position and your app is visible for organic Store audition);

2) Long Retention Installs (users will be obligated to save your app for minimum 3 days on their smartphones);

3) Target Option (We do propose target opportunities in case you want your app be popular in certain area);

In general KeenMobi have custom features which are listed above and standard scenario of not expensive installs which bring you all advantages of decent app promotion.

Stay promoted!!!