CPI advertising - learn all about it (FREE)

I know some of you are not only trying to monetize your apps, but also advertise and promote them, hoping to spend as little as possible and to reach as many users as possible. The circle of life :slight_smile:

So, everything you wanted to know about optimal CPI campaign set-up and optimization is in the App Marketing Webinar by Appnext. It will take place on May, 27th ,and it’s free, of course.

You can learn more and sign up here - http://bit.ly/1ddPhxc

Sounds good! Looking forward to it. : )

Not really running CPI campaigns currently, but I’d be happy to hear more about it.

I will not be able to join the webinar. I have registered to get recordings. Waiting to see it :slight_smile:

This can be helpful to a lot of people, nice job AppNext!