CPC networks?

Can anyone recommend some CPC networks? Banners or interstitials…
Thanks :smiley:

i’ve try Leadbolt for 5 Months. great epcm in the 2 first month and dropped for the 3 last months.
why you want to use CPC networks?

Yea, I know all about leadbolt. I’m trying Millennial Media now.
I need CPC because I want to see how much money I can make with the number of clicks my apps are delivering. Not all clicks result in installs. No install = no revenue. So I want to see how much I can get paid for clicks.

Have you tried adMob interstitials?

have you exp about using admob interstitials? i use when start my app (main activity).

I’m only getting about $2 ecpm with them, I think some people get better. I show when the user goes back to the main menu.

Which is more effective to show them - when go back to the main menu or upon exit the app ?

Haven’t tried. Might check them out. Thanks!

I suggest on exit and/or after level completion (if you have a game).