CPC for advert sizes ?

I just enabled 300x250 and am getting $0.01 per click with a 1.65% CTR on Millennial Media. I thought this was meant to give better CPC’s ?

For comparison, I am getting $0.05 for 320x50 banners.

Thoughts ?

My opinion, that is a horrible CPC you’re getting there… something’s not right… contacted MM?

Figured it out… it should be zero.

Yeah… using MoPub and publishing to BlackBerry Playbook. So they don’t pay for the adverts that are clicked on, since they go to Android Market/etc. No clue why they even bother showing them :frowning:

Anyone know who to sign up with to be able to do BlackBerry adverts via Mopub ?

OK, so my Amazon version got approved. This means that all those Kindle Fire users are now using the tablet version and seeing 300x250 adverts! Both are for a Sunday.

Old advert breakdown:
Impressions: 90k
CTR: 0.39%
eCPM: $0.38

New breakdown (with about 5k impressions to BlackBerry Playbook getting zero eCPM):
Impressions: 23k
CTR: 0.97%
eCPM: $0.55

Impressions: 49k
CTR: 0.45%
eCPM: $0.35

Revenue is around $30/day on weekends. Around 25/day during the week.

As you can see, a bunch of users did not like the new tablet format and used the opportunity to finally quit the game. However, I now have a better CTR on the banner adverts and can see the tablet adverts separately. In the latest update, I also created a new Mopub ID for all those Blackberry tablet requests, so I can send those elsewhere (Admob ?).

Sounds glad!! I’m glad to hear that you successfully got the tablet version up and generating revenue!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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