CPC ad network ?

Hi , Before time I use google admob but my one application banned google admob.

I want CPC firm and I search cpc firm but I don’t find. Please help me. Have other cpc ad network ?

I don’t want CPI because peoples not download advertising programs. My customers only “click”

I want cpc firm…Thank you

I do not really understand

cpc advertising firm AdMob has only?

Why do you think advertisers would pay you if users only click and doesn’t install at all?

Because I use mobilecore and startapp firm very very very bad earning:

Mobilecore my yesterday statistic:

533 Click 2800 impression…Earning : 0.18 Dollar !

Startapp Statistic:

2500 impression and 500 download earning : 0.60 dollar !

But I use before time admob Turkish traffic:

3.000 impression 200 - 300 click : earning minimum 5-10 dollar

Admob is very good but Now I can’t use admob because Admob is my one application is banned…

so I find other “CPC” firm

Understand ?

Startapp - 2500 impressions and 500 download? Are you sure? I believe it is 500 clicks. Also, 0.6usd for 2.5k impressions is not very low anyway.

With such a low impressions and high CTR, Admob ban you with a good reason. My advice: your problem is not needed a CPC ad network, but generate more impressions instead.

No you don’T know…

Admob is very comic banned and Admob is very interesting because I have program “Daily betting tips” english and turkish but admob is banned.
My program is not illegal,not gambling or not other illegal issues.My program is only "football and basketboll match analysis…not live gambling…not gambling web sites link…and in market have 100 + program but admob is banned me…Very interesting

And you not understand.

Admob not have 500 click I have admob total 8.000 impression I have click 180-200…My admob click rate %9…Not big…

9% CTR is extremely high and not realistic in most cases, at least not if it isn’t accidental clicks and the Ad Placement Guidelines were followed…

@denizimo is talking about interstitials and not banners.

$0.60 for 2.5k impressions is $0.24 eCPM, which is terrible.

For Admob interstitials, his 7.5%-10% CTR is not unheard of. I get 5%-7% CTR with Admob interstitials in a lot of apps.

9% is high, but I would not say “extremely high”. This can be a realistic number when the ads are targeted well.

@denizimo never mentioned it is banners or interstitial. Maybe I missed out something.

Also, I believe that $0.24 is not terrible for Turkish traffics.

Lastly, problem is not CTR, but he mentioned his users doesn’t install, that is a big problem.

What should I do?

Now I remove the mobilecore mainactivity ads exit ads

Now only app wall ads have other activity

There are now less advertising. My e-cpm rises and rises earnings?

or I will find other firm ? Because peoples not advertising program install…

Admob is very good because only give money “click”

Where is other click firm ?

You can use Revmob

Admob is good for me very recommended and safe - google will never ban you

Why would you say that?

Revmob earnings very low for Android. Not recommended. I get eCPM and impression everyday even though I have remove the SDK but earnings still $0 or $0.01 if I am lucky.

Because I work in adMob :slight_smile: he he

No I don’t - Admob is of google no? that is whay it is safe although they sometimes break the rules.
I got banner of asiandating rated high maturity in my puzzle game…
it was for children - and it was not banned…