Country Specific App Strategy

Hi guys,

I’m developing an app which is targetting at users from several countries(12). I wonder which way is the best way to develop and distribute my app:

  1. Develop an one-for-all version which every user need to select their country when they first use the app
  2. One app for each country whereby user are brought straight to their main screen withouth having to select their country.

Could anyone share your expert opinions on the options above - their pros and cons and which one is the best way to go in terms of future growth & revenue.

Thanks in advance!

I think developing one app would be better , you will gain more users base and more discover-ability in the GP ,
you can also check for the GEO location of the user when starting up and customize the app accordingly


Yes and you can also programmatically determine the language the phone was set to and the country the phone was set to. I think the country parameter is set at the factory and cannot be changed.

String locale = java.util.Locale.getDefault().getDisplayName();

Locale | Android Developers

if you do publish single app for all countries with i18 support, don’t forget to ask how will you market it? :smiley:

I think it’s better to have just one app. You can use localization resources and strings for each language you want to localize for. No need to query which country they are in. If you provided a localization for the language they have set on their device it will use it automatically. Here’s some links on how to do it:

Android Localization ? A Complete Tutorial

Localization | Android Developers

Supporting Different Languages | Android Developers

You can set not only the text of your app to be localized but also the images your app uses can be localized.