Country reporting in airpush?

I need to have some information from Airpush. Is there some country reporting? Want to check cpm for each country and fill rate. I didn’t find this feature in console.

Airpush, can you give me this information? Countries needed:

I think that this countries can have small ecpm and fill rate. Want this information to recognize user location and serve him ad from different network.

"We have forwarded your query to our concerned team and we will get back to you shortly on this.

Please come back to us if you have any further questions."

Again… support is terrible, need to know India ecpm and fillrate, autoresponder only but this is bulshit. They say “shortly” but if you have autoresponder’s reply, you can wait for it weeks or months :confused:

They have recently added live chat support.

live chat told me “write a ticket”, publisher live chat isn’t online, I can’t meet them for 2 weeks :confused: advertiser support only