Correct place to implement admob interstitial ads in Tutorial app?

Hello friends

i’m Using admob for monetize my play store apps.

here is one of example my app look like

can anybody here who can explain me how to place interstitial ads on the app above? because i’m really confuse becuase of Admob’s following interstitial ad Policy who make me confuse the most:
“Avoid placing interstitial ads during periods of on-screen user interaction in your mobile app, especially if the user is regularly clicking. If the user is focused on a task at hand, they may not expect an interstitial ad to pop up on the screen.”

Help will be really appereciated.
thanks before

No one here to help me? :frowning:

Good downloads you had. My suggestion, avoid using admob if you scare for policy violation. Use mobileCore instead. Use interstitial on Launch, after 10 actions/navigations, and on Exit. Compare the revenue yourself and decide which position is the best.

If you insist to use admob, you may add it on Launch and on Exit. But make sure you show ad before showing content for on Launch ad, and cache the ad before showing on Exit.

I think to use Other ad network then admob is not Great idea my friend. Because Google play become stict against those who using another ad network and your apps can be banned with smallest ad policy violation.

Moreover you suggested to use interstitial ads on app launch and on app exit then i think you’re not aware from Admob interstitial policy.
Read from here: Interstitial ad guidance - Google AdMob Help

it’s clearly marked when you see the policy that interstitial ads on “App load or exit (not recommended)”
it’s really tough for me to understanding where to use interstitial ads on my apps. i don’t wanna loose my developer account or Admob account. please someone help me

So far, I didn’t heard anyone here get banned for using mobileCore. You may do more research on yourself. Also, there is report in this forum that app will be rejected instead of suspend for ad policy.

For app launch and app exit position, actually I talked with admob expert from Google last year. He didn’t said it was violating policy. However, the policy document of admob also had a big differences between last year and this year.

Lastly, most of us here will use several ad networks. Admob is stable, good, but if you violating their policy, you may not get a cent from them. And, their policy is broad and not clear.

If you insist to use admob, try on after 10 actions. But, carefully look at the CTR, make it less than 3% to be safe.

Thanks for this useful comment buddy. What do you think i should place interstitial ads on every 10 click or only for 1 time 10 click only.
How to control CTR in admob?

Every 10 clicks, limited to 5 ad shown per user session. For CTR, just make sure there isn’t much accidental clicks. All the guidelines from admob is just to make sure low accidental clicks rate.

you mean increase CTR means Increase Accidental click? if yes then how can we control it?

Just make sure the interstitial ad doesn’t pop up when user interacting with the screen.

thanks a lot for useful info.
i’m planning to place interstitial ads on menu items and 1st ad per 4 clicks and then another ad on next 8 clicks on menu item and then no ads anymore. is that idea will be fine for my app buddy? i will really appreciate your help.

Yes, this is fine except the ad revenue could be not maximized. Anyway, you should always check out the CTR for any unusual rate.

if that could not maximize revenue then i’ll move to per4-5 click/ad latter on and i hope that will be fine as well

Thanks to shuiwo for his suggestions. Anyone else here who can give his more valuable suggestions on it? anyone? i promise to like it with big thank