Copyright Question


I am working on a new Android game and I’m in the stage where I need sounds effects for it.

So I’ve been trying to find some cool free sounds that I can use and I found some that I really like. The sounds are in an open web directory and I haven’t been able to find any copyright documents on their site and I couldn’t find a way to contact them. The website seems to belong to a middle school.

Does anyone have experience with such things? Would I be able to use those sound effects in my commercial game (through advertising) without risking legal actions?


I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I think you should be fine. You can always use a sound editor and create a slight derivative to protect yourself if worried.

I was about to use some of these free sounds I got from a site in my game. The site said they were totally free, but to be on the safer side I downloaded Shazam from the google play store and enabled it while the game was running. It was funny, the sounds were all copyrighted and actually owned by big companies including Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

If I could detect it it few seconds, there’s no doubt someone else will detect it and report so I’m currently trying to create my own sound effects which isn’t going well :frowning:

Shazam can detect sound effects? Short sounds? Or longer jingles?

Using a sound editor to slightly change a one second sound effect would work but in my case I want to use a voice over sound effect like these:

Would a slight derivative of these sounds protect me?

I tried detecting those short sounds and couldn’t find anything. I think it only works for longer sounds (needs more data sample).

Maybe you could just hire someone to record those sound effects for you using their own voice? There are quite a few voice actors on fiverr for example who would do that quite cheap.

That’s a great advice, thanks!

yep, i would go with that too :slight_smile:

best idea …thx magnesus