Contact for Widdit?

Hey guys,

Widdit has not paid me for what seems like 2 months now. It is not much money but I prefer not to lose it.

I have contacted their support e-mail with no reply 3 times, and Noam of Widdit personally with no reply 3 times.

Does anyone of you know of any other widdit e-mail addresses I could try to reach to?


I thought they were shut down ages ago?

I didn’t even know they were still in business

for 2 months in a row they never paid me then last 2 months they paid me now im waiting on payment for this month. My last payment I got January 24th

They seem to be in business, but they sure have problems with support. @DroidGenie, can you share an email address? As I said in original post, they do not reply and I need all email addresses I can reach to.