Construction City 2 - selecting ad networks, unity ads any good?

Hello guys, some old members might remember me, anyway, I am author of the Construction City game (9.8 milion downloads on play store, 15 millions across other stores)

After long long time of inactivity, I decided to develop and publish sequel (Construction City 2)

Since I been long time “outside” of this world, I am asking for recommendations about ad networks, in my game I was using admob, heyzap and Vungle, now thinking about unity ads?

What are your thoughts ? Thank you

from what I have noticed, the network that works the best depends on your game.
We have a simple way to implement multiple networks so you can give any of them a try or remove any with ease and without coding for 46 years.

There are some other services we provide as well.

Enhance™ is a great tool to find out what will work for you the best.

UnityAds has always been good to me. I have been out of the app business for a while but know someone who is pulling $4 CPM and about 100% fill rate with their non skip ads. If you app is big enough which it almost certainly will be you should set up your own mediation. Don’t rely on some sketchy networks. I used to host a text file on a website where each line would represent the percentage of each ad network. So if the text file read “20,40,20,20” it would send 20% to the first network, 40% to the second etc and had unity checking the text file and using those numbers in a Rand.Int. I can’t help with other Intersitial networks though, things have changed and I am still trying to learn. I always used MobileCore in the past and had $2+ CPM’s but they are shutting down and migrating to another network which I have no experience with. PM me if you want to discuss on Skype or in a later time, my apps are currently growing and I will be trying out tons of networks so we may be able to share our experiences and suggsetions.

I believe AppNext is also still going strong. I think a mix of AdMob, AppNext and UnityAds would do you well.

Thank you for input, I have noticed that unity ads servers video ads only, in first game version I was using admob banner ads + Vungle videos + HeyZap image Intersitial ads (not in intrusive way anyway)

Now I am probably going to use admob banner + video ads (currently my vote goes to Unity ads) Never used mediation, might give a try, thanks :wink:

I really hope you use some form of mediation. On a small app it is no big deal but you should have at least an ARPU of around $0.02, you don’t want to miss out on an extra 40 thousand dollars that a 20% boost could have given you. There are many mediation networks like MoPub, AerServ etc if you don’t want to set it up yourself.

IAP + Rewarded video ads + admob banner is the norm for premium games. Admob has mediation support for rewarded videos.

Mediation is quite a good way to keep the $$$ rolling in especially between different networks.
Problem with some sites is you are getting some lower paying ads. The fill might be ok, but what is the eCPM on them?

If you manage multiple networks by yourself, or have us do it for you, you can bring those numbers up. To what? I can not say.
But besides mediation, we also provide crash reporting and other analytic tools. Normally this coding would take forever, but we got rid of all of that.
2 minutes.

This is what you should implement, and rather than admob banner I would implement native ads which perform far better. For rewarded videos I recommend to setup supersonic mediation (with Vunge, AdColony, UnityAds and chartboost).

Matthew, can I ask why you left this business? Did you earn so much that you took 2 years off? Lol, but yes it is surprising with the huge hit you had

good luck,

Hey, its nice to see you back. When do you plan to release CC2? I would recommend you using a mediation system for the banner and the video ads. (appodeal or heyzap). I want to warn you the industry is mature now, so its way tougher than 2-3 years ago!

I’m hearing very good thing about Unity ads these days. So If I were you, I’d go with Unity or Appnext. Appnext are doing great for me in videos and standard interstitials.
Admob are the kings of banners, I woudln’t go with anyone else.
As for mediation - I’d wait if I were you. Test a few networks see where the wind blows, then try mediations, which are usually a bit more demanding in terms of integration and attention.

I hope your new game is as sucessful as the old one!