Construct 2?

Hi Everyone,

Any Construct 2 users here? I have a couple of friends interested in it and I was curious how long it took for you to get up to speed on it. Would you recommend it to someone just starting out in app development or would you recommend they just bite the bullet and learn to program in Java, use Eclipse, etc.? Thanks.

I’m a C2 user. And yeah I would definitely recommend it to new people with no programming experience. As to how long it takes to get up to speed on it that really depends on how much work/time you put into it and how quick a study you are.
It can take you anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. But it has a decent size and helpful community and lots of third pary plugins to help you out.

P.S. I’ve already published my first game on android. Check out Nutty Flyer in the app store.:wink:

I’m interested in creating new games too. I tried unity It really advanced , can create good quality games but looks too complicated for a beginner.

construct 2 very easy. anyway I just downloaded it today. didn’t buy any license yet. still experimenting with software

your game looks nice but ads are disturbing. and I don’t think anyone would buy game just to hide ads. how about putting ads when user fail and if you can update game to use touch screen. it would be better.

Thanks for the info. Way to go getting your first game out.

BTW, I installed your game on my Nexus 7 tablet. Is the squirrel supposed to fly really slow? Also I can’t ever get past the 2nd set of trees.


I have used construct 2 for a while, it is indeed a great program, and honestly I wont be surprised if it ends up the best mobile game engine out there, but not anytime soon, I used it for a while, released one game but had to remove many animations because to be honest creating Mobile games like android games using Construct 2, performance is bad and is heavy on the phone so you will have to remove much of it…

I moved after that to Unity3d, and since im not a programmer, I got Playmaker to use with Unity, and the result was like Construct 2 on steroids, it is a bit harder but far more efficient, so far i have four games released in around a year of using it, performance is almost never an issue, I suggest you release games using construct 2 until you feel like your ideas need more power, thats when you seriously take Unity and playmaker as an option you will not regret :slight_smile:

Good luck with your projects

People buy games they like to get rid of ads all the time, after all it’s only 1$. And of course they olso buy because they wanna support the developers. And what do you mean update it to use touch screen? It already uses the touch screen…

On the first level the speed of the squirrel is a bit slower, I wanted to give players a chance. From the second level on it picks up, and I introduce wind too, which ads yet another degree of challenge. :wink:
Hehe, you have to use a non-intuitive approach to get past those trees.:smiley: Try it a few more times(think non-intuitive) and if you still can’t do it private message me and I’ll tell you the secret.:stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Thank you very much for trying out my game guys, hope you enjoy it, and maybe share it with your friends/family.

P.S.S. I’ve heard of the whole Unity+playmaker thing before Phuzz, but from what I’ve seen(haven’t tried it myself yet) playmaker is nowhere near complete enough to replace a program like C2. Am I wrong? As far as performance goes there are a lot of other things to factor in, one of the biggest examples is that it really doesn’t matter what the C2(or any other program) developers do if the platforms themselves don’t improve their html5 support. iOS 8 and… what was the last android os release, 5? have much better html5 support and therefor you can see noticeable performance improvements on them. Unfortunately it’s gonna take a while untill most of the market moves over to those latest versions.

I figured it out! Your “non-intuitive” approach is tricky, but it worked.

You are right. I just checked construct 2 for like 4 hours and I got bored with it. It just too easy and games are not that powerful . At least we cant design a 2.5D game. it just plain 2d with very few options.
I tried play maker with unity but I didn’t got the idea. currently I’m using unity with native C#. little bit difficult but very powerful


Indeed Native C# is very powerful, but regarding Playmaker if you watch just the first 2 or 3 tutorials you will get the hang of it easy, even if you don’t use it for production, it will be great for prototyping, you can get a sketch up and running in a couple of days, also their community is pretty supportive, I learned just the basics from few YouTube videos, then I started “ask as I go” while developing my games.

What I developed using Playmaker is listed on my signature, keep in mind I got into developing games DEC of 2013, so 1 Year and 5 months so far, before that I had no clue what programming language is, Jelly Munch and Arabic Crosswords 2015 each took me less than a month to get it on the Playstore. When I first started developing I made a game that took me 4 months to finish on construct 2 , but due to my inexperience in knowing what to do when you first publish a game, I had to unpublish it as it achieved from 0-3 downloads a day :confused: but now im glad because that was my biggest lesson to learn and now it helped me alot in every release I have.

Hehe, glad to hear that. :smiley:

Could you please share with us what publishing tricks you’ve learned? I’m still banging my head against the wall myself when it comes to 0 budget marketing and getting your games noticed…

I watched few playmaker vids and brought it my self. but it confused me. couldn’t decide how to add game features. C# looks like easy comparing to playmaker game logic
maybe I judged too fast. I’m gonna give it another try. you have nice games. games vs app what is more profitable according to you ?

I prefer Clickteam Fusion 2.5 over Construct 2 as it builds a native APK file for you automatically, Construct 2 relies on 3rd party to convert games and these games lag and become slow especially using phonegap build. Been using clickteam products since 1999.

But apk made with clickteam is also slow on Android