Connecting Website data with app

Hello, Firstly I want to let you know that I am beginner to app development but I am confident that I will learn this soon. basically I am webmaster and i have website whose app i want to create so please help me tell me how really i can connect my website data with app so that it looks amazing for users to access all website from app.


If your website has an database just create an JSON feed for all your info and decode it in your app, or XML.

Some of my websites have Feeds but one of website is designed from scratch and it doesn’t have feeds yet but it has database Can you provide me some tutorials as i already told you that i am not a android developer!


There are many online tools which charge to $10-20 for converting your website to app using feed.
you can always burn a feed using google feedburner

I want to create myself Do you have any tutorial for making website app using Eclipse or any other software?


See MIT App Inventor

I have created app with MIT inventor but when i try to run app it opens app in browser view where address bar is also visible that i won’t want to appear Please help me for Eclipse becoz i heard it’s great tool to create apps.

You need to start learning from scratch? Better pick up some book then, SAMS teach yourself Android Programming in 24 hours is good one.
For any issues, you can post to stackoverflow and my video tutorials :smiley:

Can you PM me you IM? if you don’t mind!