Connect 2 Pieces of Aluminum Downspouts

I need to connect 2 pieces of aluminum downspout together. I bought an extension that fits inside 1 piece and over the other, but now that I have it home I see it only works with vinyl. Even if I could force it on, it would leak.

Neither Lowes nor HD have an equivalent for aluminum.

Will this work? I can’t use an elbow, I just need to butt the 2 ends together.

There are special pliers with which this can be done.

Did you manage to connect these two drainpipes? I am not an expert in such matters, so I can not advise anything. When I need to do something like this, I call specialists. I do not see anything shameful in this because I do not know how to do it. I am an expert in my field. Even when it’s time to clean the gutters, I call Gutter Cleaning Companies Atlanta. I have no desire and, most importantly, the time to do it. In addition, special ladders are needed to reach them and tools to clean these gutters. The guys are all very good at it, and they have everything you need for this. So if you do not know how to connect two gutters, then most likely, you need the help of a specialist.