Confused? Help choosing adnetwork

Well I am here again, this is my 3rd thread asking the same question “WHICH ADNETWORK SHOULD I GO WITH” ? I am totally confused :frowning:

My Game Has the following Screens

Main Menu
Game Play

I have listed down these:

  • LeadBolt
  • AdBuddiz (new but looks good)
  • Chartboost
  • StartApp

As the game is my first App on the store so which one do you people recommend?

where are majority of your users located? I’d throw Airpush in that list. Judging by your screens you have in your game in app might be best bet, I would suggest Airpush’s smartwall. Lots of developers are seeing strong CPM and consistency.

I am mainly focusing US , UK region. Isn’t airpush considered as a virus?

nope - as long as you use their in app only SDK

thanks! One more questions is that do you really think its suitable to integrate 2 or more ad-network in a game and control their showing ratio instead of showing ads every time the user plays the game?

If you’re going to show a lot of Ads, then you might want to have an Ad-free paid version too.

If not, then it is better to not bombard users with ads. It can result in poor user experience, bad ratings and uninstalls.

Hope this helps

I must have missed your other two threads :confused: I’m not sure you’re really going to get the answer you’re looking for until you dive in and see what works best for you… since you’re focusing on U.S., U.K, I’d also say Airpush isn’t a bad choice and if you eventually widen your net you’ll prolly do really well in Asia too if that matters to you. Good luck, man.

if you have lots of daily downloads(1000+), use startup. it will detect as a virus but worth for the money.

it’s difficult to predict about the leadbolt because some are getting good results while some of us getting bad results. however if i were you i will use my own code to mix interstitial ads so that i can choose the best ad network.
the biggest problem with the new ad networks is most of them perform better at the beginning but after some time, problems occur like ecpm drop etc.

thanks a lot you’all! I signed up for Airpush and I want to know about the Refresh Ads time? Default is set to 5sec… should i change it?

Sorry to bump in this thread!

I have a more games button, which ad-network is the best for gaming ads?

Hello Indie, Let me tell you our strengths at [b]AdBuddiz[/b].

  1. We are 100% focus on Google Play app advertising : that’s why we can get the highest paid campaigns on the market
  2. We are CLEAN Our ad system has been built so that they appear in a nice way within your app (I won’t mention names here but there are a lot of ad networks out there that spam users. They might drive revenues in the short term but will generate bad ratings and a decrease in traffic for your app(s) in no time)
  3. We developed a technology that learns the user behavior of each of our partner apps and propose the best converting ads for each of them (which means that we constantly optimize your revenues over time)
  4. If your app is a game and is good enough, you can benefit from visibility on our game discovery app called [b]Giftiz[/b], which features the best games on Google Play

I hope I convinced you that you should give it a try :wink:

What requirements need to be filled to become featured on Giftiz? How many download featured app can get on daily basis (rough number)? Do you have some mechanism for developers to submit app for review or your team just look around for apps that will be featured?

Hey NekoSpolja, you need to contact me directly ([email protected])mentioning the link of your app / Partners pay us for the traffic we send them via Giftiz but it happens that we feature some indie games under certain conditions (one of the first conditions is that our review team loves the game). A featuring on Giftiz represents thousands of installs