Concerns about rooting? Read this article.

Android Authority just posted an article about rooting your device. It basically says if you’re concerned about breaking your device by rooting it, don’t worry - the process is actually pretty safe.

If you’re looking into the world of Rooting and custom ROM’s, then you will doubtless have heard the rumors that if you do it wrong it makes your phone unusable. Whilst this is possible, it is extremely – like extremely – rare. If you follow the simple instructions on a trusted forum or site for your device (like ours), or, even better, from the the ROM creators site, and follow them closely, you will be successful. I would say that 99% of custom ROM flashes are successful. The 1% of failures comes from people forgetting to charge their devices before flashing, as depending on how many steps you have to follow, the rooting process can take up to forty minutes.

If you haven’t yet rooted your device, or tried out a custom ROM, I encourage you to check out this article and at least consider doing it. CyanogenMod is fantastic, especially if you like tweaking your system UI. The only reason I’m not currently using it on my Galaxy S II is because I need the proprietary MHL connection which is peculiar to this device.

Even just rooting your device opens up a whole world of opportunities, such as the ability to tunnel all traffic through SSH to simulate your device being in a different country.

Thought this was an interesting take on root from the CyanogenMod team.