Completely New Developer Needs YOU

Hey guys and girls, my name is Tom and recently me and my friend have been dreaming on a project to make a new System for phones.
We’re completely new to the subject, but we have our ideas and everything.

We thought about starting with a Lock Screen application so we could earn experience in coding and making applications in general.
I would like to ask you to leave tips and tricks, tutorials, programs, everything you could imagine that would be the slightest help for my friend and I.

“But what’s in it for me?” you ask, well, if we get experience and perhaps get big, YOU, yes you will get credits and perhaps even free advertisements of your apps and content in ours!

I would like to thank you all for helping, or even if you don’t just for reading this.
Even though helping gets a bigger thank you.

~Tom “The Noobato”~

What do you mean? You are new to programming systems, programming android or programming at all?

Dear sir, I have no idea what I am doing. To the question, new to programming at all.

Bump 'cause people are meanies.

Download the android developers kit from google developers site. Try to write a hello world app first.

Use the resources on the net. There are loads and loads of tutorials etc. Google is your friend when searching.

Be prepared for the long haul. You cannot learn to program over night, and it might even be an idea to start on a different platform to learn the basics.

You could take a look at greenfoot as a beginners java tool.

For what its worth my first ever program was:

10 PRINT “Hello world”
20 GOTO 10

Sometimes I miss BASIC from the 80s.

You must be either troll or naive. There is 0% chance that you will succeed with developing new system for phones while you are new to programming. Even if you have 10 years experience with android programming you will have like 10% chance to succeed. You need big experienced and clever team, a lot of time and a lot of money to even think about it.

I started learning Java just over 3 years ago. Released my first app just a few months after starting learning and learnt more as I went. I work solo too, with I haven’t put much revenue into the business at all. My endeavors with Android have been highly successful in my opinion and I did it all off my own back.

Its funny that you call him “naive” when you make such ludicrous statements, while only just having released your first Android game yourself. How can you justify your statement?

Making app is one thing but making operating system for mobile devices is another. What chances he has with Google, Samsung, Apple etc in your opinion?