Comparison of ad networks Interstitial, CPI and Google Policy

Hi developers and pros,

I have some questions. Which are the best monetize ad networks for android in CPI and Interstitial ads.

Is that still possible with the new Google Policy? So can I still use it without any qualms? (this kind of ad format)

I only know this ad networks for that: Chartboost, Mobpartner, Playhaven, Flurry, Tapjoy

Thank you for your help.

Your question is like : “Which car is the best?”
Everything depends on your audience and stats. For example for me the best is Startapp or Airpush. Cheers!

best CPI networks i tried are mobilecore and appnext

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Hi @roflcopter,

At Avocarrot we offer CPI interstitials which you can customize to match your app’s design. We also comply with the Google Play Developer Policy.

You can have a look at the docs here: Avocarrot Documentation

If you have more questions feel free to get in touch with me or our support team at [email protected]