Compare Advertising Network ( Admob/ Startup...)

Hi everyone,

I only use Admob in my applications. So i don’t have experience about these other Ads network. Please help me compare between some top Ads network: Admob, Startup …v…v

  • Which of them are the best?
  • Risk of Advertising network ?
  • Revenue, price per click?

Try MobileCore. They are CPI network and they pay $1 - $2 for US/UK per install.

You can also use Pollfishon top of any ad network. They serve surveys/questions not ads but they pay $0.3 for each completed regular/basic surveys.

What cost user need to pay for Mobilecore??
Does MC CPI model installs some pluggin or search box to fullfill/justify the revenues?

Installing some irritating pluggins;search boxs are so irritating and personally i do not appreciate them.

Please share your experience. I never tried any CPI network till now including MC.

For me full screen ads work well compared to slider and stickeez etc

They are the easiest ad network to integrate… You can answer your question once you try them… Go try it now. :slight_smile:

startApp is my second choice after admob. startApp revenue nearly 97% of admob

I think we need to see the result revenue but not the eCPM, since the eCPM can be fixed by the ad networks, according to my publisher manager from Mobvista.

I recently tried MobileCore. For me it was completely wasted time. Most of the time my revenue was zero. Even StartApp was doing better. Curently it looks like AdMob is the best for Interstitials.

Btw, don’t trust guys who say ‘Network XYZ is the best’ while thy have a referral link in their signature. :wink:

Check networks from my signature. They are working really fine for me.

Hi Bachpv,

Nick from Airpush here. I would like to suggest testing us out.
Our ads pay based on impressions of the ad units with the CPM being figured from a combination of clicks and engagement on the ads. Our 100% Goggle Play Compliant Bundle 1 SDK also includes a pay per download where you can earn up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA (end user license agreement) opt in along with CPMs on the ads. The average CPM when using this sdk ranges from $1-4+

For 3rd party markets, we also have another SDK that pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide, at a $50 eCPM.

Hope this helps.


Airpush Nick

Revenue is a key component. Depends on your goals… whether it’s to serve more aggressive ads or make a more enjoyable experience for your users, each ad network can offer a specific service. Some networks work well for particular apps and GEOs while others do not. Give several a try and see which performs best for you.

I’d suggest giving NOTIFY a try along with others to see what solution or combination of solutions work well for you, your apps, and users. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!