Compare add network stats - Is anyone getting $10cpm as advertised?

Many add networks say they are paying developers amounts like $10 cpm. Is this true or false advertising? what are the real stats? who is paying the best rates?
Please offer your latest stats so a true comparison can be done:

push and dialogue adds
12 educational apps

This month CPM = $1.00

(i have never seen $10cpm)

Airpush only smartwall nd image banner:$0.26
Startapp Exit:$2.96

last 30 days
Airpush(only smartwall):$0.77
Startapp exit-ad:~$3.20

$3 CPM for StartApp Exit Ad? Never tried it but i am now considering it! I am using AppBrain has the exit ad network, but i don´t how how to calculate the CPM with them :S

I got really good cpm’s for the first month of leadbolt notification ads upwards of $11 . Now its dropping like a rock and i don’t see an end to the free fall. less than 1 cent per click is pretty ridiculous.

BTW speaking of start app exit ads i have a question. I get only impressions and never see a number besides zero in downloads. I have tested it personally and downloaded a game from the ad to see if it even worked. well it never showed in the start app console and after a month of tons of traffic i have yet to see a single download show up. I just don’t get it.

In reply to the StartApp bit, the “downloads” column is only for the Out-of-App SDK, since you are paid for downloads in that case. It is unrelated to the Exit Ad data.

ah so the exit ad isn’t a paid for app download. That’s a bit sneaky because it looks like it would be. Especially since all the ads that i have seen on it are all games mostly “candy crush”. Hmmm not sure that i want to use the exit ad then because i could get real app downloads from an ad to pay better than impressions with a click here or there for 2 or 3 cents.

StartApp exit ad 100k impressions per day and eCPM of $1 avg.

How come you guys have such high eCPM’s with Startapp? What is your no of impressions?
I think pretty much all networks vary the eCPM as your traffic increases or decreases.

It may or may not be. I’m sure their support would clear it all up for you (they have great support).

Hi All,

I’ll jump in to explain a bit.

Hubris - The payment on this ad unit is based on revenue share, which is displayed via impressions of the ads and eCPM. Since we work with many advertisers, each paying us with a different model (impressions, clicks or app installs), we aggregate the number to a single unit, the eCPM. It makes things far easier to review from your end, as well as compare with different networks.

The “download” column, like A1ka1inE said, is for our out-of-app ad units, which you get paid for based on the downloads your app generates with that SDK.

Hope that clears things up a bit.

krosser - The absolute number of impressions is not a factor in determining the eCPM you are seeing, only the total revenue you are making. It depends on which countries you traffic is coming from, which campaigns are currently live and running and what the CTR and conversion rate you are generating.

A developer can get 100 impressions per day, earn $1 and see a $10 eCPM, so his eCPM is higher than yours, but you are making x100 more than him.

Feel free to shoot over more questions, i’ll be happy to assist.


Tapcontext anyone? This is good - more stats please.
I’m assuming you guys with statapp are in US - they offer higher returns there??

Hey @Lowy… Feel free to check out our Live Network Stats here, and you may be able to glean more info from @WNASH from this post

Thank you. I have checked out @WNASH and that helps. I didn’t however bother to look at your on site stats. Unfortunately some networks are putting false stats on their site eg $10 CPM. Because of this I ( and many others) have learnt to take no notice of these figures as they have proved to be false.
The only stats worth looking at are real stats achieved and reported by developers, hence this thread.
May the best and most honest add network win!

@WNASH reported after 2 weeks: $0.011 eInstall for TapContext & $4-$5 ECPM of MobiCore.

TapContext have recently changed their revenue reporting format. Instead of giving eInstall value [earning per download], they now show CPM value. I have been using TapContext for almost a month and currently my month-to-date CPM is $2.76.

Also, here is the stats as reported on the dashboard :

-Your Top Country Today: Malaysia
-CPM $17.84
-Interstitial $26.44

I have crossed their minimum threshold for payout which is $250 & let’s see how the payment will me made.

Thanks WNASH - good info!