Combine your Digital Profiles with the Real World by Creating Hipscan's

Hi everyone,

Have you ever Wondered that how you can combine combine your Offline and Online Worlds from your smartphones

So be ready to Patch your DIGITAL PROFILES by simply downloading the latest phenomenal Android App titled as HIPSCAN

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What is Hipscan

A Hipscan sends mobile devices to your website, social profile, or anything else online. The best part is that you can change it any time you want!

Google Play Download Link:

Typically when you create a QR code, the URL or data returned when it is scanned with a mobile device is fixed within the actual barcode image. Hipscan creates a unique link and allows you to edit the information that is returned when someone scans the barcode. This means you can create one barcode and use it in a variety of contexts, changing up the corresponding data as needed.

How to Hipscan

Any app capable of scanning QR codes mobile devices will be redirected to your Hipscan. But you know our favorite one(s)? The Hipscan iPhone and Android apps are packed with features you are sure to fall in love with. Download them know and let us know what you think!