Colorful and Magical Android screen saver themes (FREE!!)

Get lost in this enchanted wallpaper. Make your Android phone magical with this colorful live wallpaper. Have a look:

1. Love n Romance live Wallpaper:

Kids in Love live wallpaper gives you the look of breaking mirror and as mirror breaks, background picture changes. The wallpaper shows two sweet cartoon kids spending time with each other and enjoying the cute romance. The panorama all around gives the wallpaper a romantic flavor. Have a look at:

2. Magic Jelly Beans Live Wallpaper:

Give your phone the Jelly Bean look and feel with a awesome Jelly Bean live wallpaper for FREE!!
This ultimate live wallpaper is a brand new free theme having beautiful colorful jelly beans with a beautiful florescent prismatic background. Get this awesome live wallpaper at:

3. Colorful Balloons Free Live WP:

Fill your life with vibrant colours by downloading this Colourful Balloons HD LIVE Wallpaper for FREE!!! Colourful Balloons live wallpaper in High Definition showcases beautiful and vivid balloons floating in the sky which symbolizes your reaching newer heights of success in life. Have this awesome live wallpaper at:

4. Sunrise and Sunset Free LWP:

What, if your mobile app adapts itself with the way nature changes? What, if it is intelligent enough to understand whether it is day or night? Yes, it’s true. This Sunrise and Sunset Dual Theme Live Wallpaper. Get this at:

5. Abstract Bubbles HD GoLocker:

Create a magnificent look with an ultimate Abstract Bubbles HD Go Locker at your Android screens for FREE!! Abstract Bubbles HD Go Locker is a FREE locker that transforms your Android mobile home screen background into a vibrant stream of colorful and cute bubbles. Get this awesome Go Locker at:

Enjoy Android apps!! :slight_smile: