Close button on Admob banner.

Is there any way to add a close button on admob banner officially without violating policies.If so please share here.

No. Why you need to do that?

Just thought it might encourage users not to not stop data connection before entering app.Also many apps do that.

Nope @tyrion admob doesn’t provide the feature to add close button! So you can do that atleast for now but who know in future they may activate the …

I know that admob does not provide that feature.We can easily add that feature ourselves.My question is will they ban my app on admob.

I’ve added it in one of my games, it never caused any problems. Make sure it’s at some distance from the banner so it doesnw’t cause misclicks.

Well, @tyrion how did you add that ?? And I don’t know if that would ban you or not cause I haven’t been trying things… so nopee… !