Close button above Admob's AdView

Hi guys,
I want to add an Admob banner (300x250) in my app (above the content) but because it’s quite big so I want users to be able to close that ad by putting a close button above and at the top-right side of that AdView (same as Admob’s Interstitial but on the right). Is it legal or against Admob’s policies?

aaahha, Policy question from brand new account…

Donno man… I do need answer for this…I want user to close ads for better UI…waiting…:slight_smile:

This is a very old thread, so the rules have probably changed.

I would be careful doing it now. Putting a close button close to the ad at all could cause misclicks. Something they could ban you for.

Doesn’t most admob banners have a close option builtin now?

yes correct