Clickky. Mobile monetization and user acquisition done smart

Clickky makes mobile app promotion easy with a new self-serve platform for advertisers tailored to the needs of app developers, agencies and networks. The company merged a 4-year experience in mobile advertising to create the most convenient and easy-to-use interface with all the required features. Clickky serves more than 500M clicks monthly and manages 20K mobile CPI campaigns daily. The platform works on CPI-basis, offering both incent and non-incent traffic, so advertisers will pay only for actual installs.

What makes the platform stand out?

CPI payment model – advertisers only pay for users who install their apps
Focus on the non-incentive traffic. While incentive advertising means offering some kind of a reward for app-installs, non-incentive advertising goal is to reach target audience, able to generate additional value and boost revenue.
Automatic tracking link builder
CPI prediction tool – advertisers see an average cost per install for their targeting and do not overpay for particular campaign.
Blacklisting Tool, which allows to blacklist websites, where advertisers don’t want to show their ads.
Integration Testing System, which automatically tests integration with Clickky’s platform.
Special offers like freebies and discounts from Clickky’s verified partners

Working with us, you’ll be able to:

[li]start small as we allow to spend only $100 for a mobile ad campaign
[li]analyze the cheapest and most expensive countries and OS to advertise in due to CPI prediction tool – we show you the average install price for every region selected in the real time
[li]to get access to real-time statistics of your ad campaign
[li]to optimize your mobile CPI campaigns according to performance
[li]to blacklist traffic sources that bring smaller Retention Rate

You can learn more about Clickky’ Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers here:
About Clickky
Clickky has 6 offices in 5 сountries: United States, Israel, Ukraine, Russia and India. The company operates worldwide, delivering mobile ad campaigns from more than 120 different countries, and its team has grown to 90 professionals.
In 2015 Clickky launched AdExchange API – the world’s biggest automated mobile ad platform, which provides access to more that 20 000 mobile ad campaigns.
In May, 2015 Clickky received $2M from iTech Capital, a venture capital firm focused on growth investments in digital economy businesses.
In 2016 Clickky made TOP-5 among advertising and marketing companies and TOP 3 among mobile ad-tech companies in the Inc. 5000 Europe ranking.
Also in 2016 Clickky received a Golden IBA Stevie Award, being honored as the fastest growing company in Europe.

Hi guys!
Great news!
I’d like to invite you to join the Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers. It’s a simple tool for an immediate launch of your mobile offers.
You have full control over your ad campaigns, and you don’t need a manager to set things up.

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