Click to install ratio

I am looking to push some of my apps, I know they are good apps, perhaps best in the category but I just cant get through the garbage that secured all top positions using virality or natural growth. Frankly, I am tired of waiting and luckily I got some $$$ to spend.

What is an average click to install ratio if I were to use conventional banners like AdMob 320x50, AppBrain, MMedia and the like?

Can I expect 1 install per 100 clicks?

About 2-10% of clicks = installs. It varies based on the app and the graphics the user is presented with.

thanks… so basically if you pay $0.02 per click… you will end up paying $0.20 per install in best case scenario :slight_smile: which is like appbrain

Actually the latest data shows that the click-through rate is 0.1% per 1000 impressions. If you ask me, that`s the fastest way of losing money. But investing in interstitials is another story, especially Chartboost or NativeX which have much better statistics due to personalized banner graphics.

My last try with the new admob about a month ago, I got: 348k impressions, 5,109 clicks, 103 installs for $100. So ctr was: 1.47%. 2% of clicks = installs. Overall it costed about $1 per install. You can do a lot better with appbrain at $0.20 per install.