Christmas Traffic

Christmas Traffic is a Fun Game, Rush as fast as possible. This Christmas, nobody can escape from crazy fun and delight. In this flow free action game; help yourself and the bunch of cars to cross the traffic signal. Be careful while you rush to cross the traffic lights as who may crush between the high speed vehicles. During the game of rush, you may enjoy the free flow fanatical movement and 3D environment with HD camera view. Christmas Traffic game is free, android version and available on Google Play. You can now share this amazing free traffic game with your friends to have a glorious time. The Game play is very well designed to make a perfect traffic simulator in android; it can be a joyride for crazy racers but rush before you clash with someone in heavy traffic.
This is not a candy game to play around; Christmas Traffic is a game of choice, who likes to try something different all the time can experience the heavy traffic and racing game. You can escape action, if you fear of speed, racing cars, traffic racer on roads and fast racing. Because be ready to experience all with a simple touch and rush game to have a great time. You can easily control the crazy traffic with the simple tap, but if you fail to escape while crossing the flow free heavy traffic, you may clash with other speed racing cars. Just try little harder to succeed, and then you may dash towards your destination of your choice. There are other ways to die, but trying this could be a fanatical and dumb crush forever. It’s time for a joyride with fast racing car to escape from the heavy traffic moving from all possible directions. Watch the speed of other vehicles to cross the traffic signal to avoid clash. Crazy cars and other speed vehicles may rush towards you and ruin your joyride with simple clash, beware of cars, which move with different speed.
Are you ready to witness the most exciting and crazy driving challenges?

|| Christmas Traffic Features ||
:heavy_check_mark: It’s absolutely FREE game!
:heavy_check_mark: Easy and fun to play.
:heavy_check_mark: Real feel of 3D Environment & HD Graphics.
:heavy_check_mark: Experience custom animation and the art of 3D Graphics.
:heavy_check_mark: Enjoy HD camera angle.
:heavy_check_mark: Amazing game play & cool sound effects.
:heavy_check_mark: Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.