Choosing ad network

Hello, I’m writing because I’m looking for advice. I uploaded app that I’ve been working for a long time 5 days ago. I’m getting over 800 downloads per day (maybe some house ads at the begin helped a little bit). I’ve included Airpush Icon Ads (4 per month) and Push Ads (1 per day) and I’m earning about $2 daily. I’m thinking about adding some in-app ad that shows when user hits the back button. I consider Startapp exit-ad or Airpush’s Smartwall. I’ve just read thread where some people got higher CPM recently and it made me want to try it. I integrated it but I’ve noticed it showed alert dialogs that want to send some premium sms. It seems to be very unfair for user.

What do you think? Should I use smartwall, exit-ad or something else to maximize earnings?

Thank you for any answers!

Any Airpush ad will be unfair on the user in all fairness. StartApp’s exit ad is way cleaner than AirPush’s smartwall, but you will earn less in general.

Try combining a few different interstitials, like StartApp’s exit-ad, AppBrain’s AppWall and maybe MMedia’s full screen ads.

If you want to keep ads totally out of the app you could try Start App itself too. (link in my signature gives you $25 if you haven’t already signed up).

Are you using banners or not?

okay 800 downloads per day and you are willing to use out-of-app ads…
then why don’t you use startapp icon ads which pay per download…lets say you get an average of 2 cents(more if you got more US users) for each download…that’s 16$ per day…(little less if some users disagree the EULA)
then you can also add airpush smartwall(better income) or startapp exit ad(more neat and clean)…that’s your call…or use banner ads

Well, I just want to maximize earnings somehow. I don’t use any banners - I don’t want to waste space in app. It would be nice to get money for users that don’t accept EULA or/and uninstall app instantly (I have about 450 uninstalls daily). So I think I just have to test both airpush’s smartwall and startapp’s exit-ad.

Start app installs - I’ve already tested it on two apps with lower amount of downloads daily. $0.02 per download seems to be great, but in my case it’s more like $0.007-0.009. In one app less than 50% accept EULA, in another one about 70%.

Do you show smartwalls when user closes app? Every time?

Ok so I tried to make smartwall work but I failed - If I call it after pressing back it shows correctly, but when I open app again it shows again. I just can’t make it work like I want - it shows ads unexpectedly. I’m gonna try exit-ad then.