Chinese appstores and documentation

Many Chinese app stores are requiring scanned copies of official business documents when you register as an enterprise.

Does anyone have courage enough to send them these documents? Is it remotely safe?


My experience from the Chinese market is that it is all corrupt and controlled by the communist party. I had an app, which sold really well on OVI appstore a few years ago. One day the sales suddenly dropped to 0 and never recovered. I got no real explanation for why this happened. I suspect that the app was stopped, because someone at the communist party didn’t like it because the app promoted meditation.

My advice to you is to stay away from the Chinese market! They don’t allow Google Play. They have a lot of local appstores instead, which foreigners can’t access. You have to go to a Chinese agent companies, who handle the access to the local appstores. You can’t see what is going on at the local appstores, you can’t get any statistics from them. You just get statistics from the Chinese agent companies. They are corrupt and give you false sales reports, so they can get almost all the revenue from the sales.

One other reason to stay away from the Chinese market is that their currency is worth so little. I sold 5500 downloads of the Chinese version of my app “Astral 3D worlds” on OVI appstore before the sales stopped. I got almost nothing for this, because the Yuan is worth so little compared to the $. 10 sales in China will give you the same revenue as only 1 sale in USA.