Chinese ad networks

Hi guys!
Are there any networks for chinese traffic: banners+interstitial? with PayPal payouts? Madhouse’s smartmad - only Alipay or bank transfer to chinese bank :frowning:
Youmi- low fillrate, and same problems with payouts.
InMobi- no fill for China
mMedia- no fill for China
Chartboost- no fill for China
AdMob- fillrate is acceptable, but CPM- is 0.03-0.06

Looked around, found papaya’s “appflood” - they are from China- any experience with it, any reports?
Maybe any other recommendations- tired of wasting 1M requests from China monthly :frowning:

Here’s 4 more that focus on China:

Some of them need the pages translating to your language if you don’t speak Chinese mind, but that shouldn’t hold you back.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply, A1ka1inE! Are these networks PayPal enabled?

So, I’m askin, I’m replyng: all 4 is not support paypal.

Anyone have succes of using chinese ad networks? How to make payouts?

Ah that sucks :frowning:

AppBrain ads might work if you use another ad network with them. Their ads are all for free apps and they support tons of regions. They payout with Paypal and way faster than other networks too.

Hey, Appflood is not a bad choice for you. It’s commission free and easy to use with a lite SDK. I saw this experience of the developer who uses Appflood, it may be helpful to you~And it seems to support paypal payout. You can have a look though:)

and what about it’s chinese fillrate? can you share some info?

and there is upd for chinese ad-nets list: - won’t even register you, until you haven’t chinese name written by their hieroglyphs :-E dirty commy

When Motorola’s Shop4Apps were up and running they only permitted submissions of apps with ads to China Market if your apps had ads from amobee.

Personally I’ve never used them so I don’t have any clue whether they’re good or not.

thanks for reply!
amobee - registration not clear: first you mus integrate their sdk, then they will send you registration id (maybe or not) :frowning:

Hey All,

I just read this interesting article a couple of days ago, it has a lot of info about the Chinese app market -

China Is Finally Becoming A Lucrative Market For App Makers | TechCrunch

Hope you find it useful.


It’s a very interesting article.

Thank you for sharing.

China Is Finally Becoming A Lucrative Market For App Makers | TechCrunch
Thanks for sharing this great article.Very helpful to know the Chinese mobile market.
yes. it’s a booming market with huge potential. Maybe now it’s the best timing to dig into this market. If you take the subway or bus in Beijing, you will be surprised at how popular smart phones are now in China. especially among the Chinese young people who are called Post-80’s generation and post 90’s generation whose consuming concept is quite different from the elder Chinese. This is really a fast growing market.

Yeah I’ve already been localizing for China for a while (not professionally) and I can say they’re worth it. Most of Asia is worth it in fact.

The main problem with up and coming regions is that, like this thread suggests, it’s hard to get reliable monetization across the board. Fortunately that is changing and it will ensure the Android ecosystem continues to grow and remain competitive.

It’s wise of you to earlier explore the Asian market with lots of chances now:)Capture the timing and taking actions before others pouring into it.
I read the article the other day about how a game called fishing Joy is making big fortunes in China. a good example:)

News from Asia: Fishing Joy making 210K per day in China

The point for us is to get an ad provider that both:

show ads in China and pays using paypal. Almost all of them just pay using chinese bank and chinese paypal otherwise we will get bunches of downloads but either won’t make any penny for ads in the games/apss or we won’t be able to receive the money.

It’s a pity that there are really so few Chinese ads networks with paypal payouts and most of them really lack global experience.
Also I asked the BD team of Appflood more about how appflood works in China…Well, it’s kinda different from how it works overseas… Appflood in China only offers services as a commission-free platform which supports 1 for 1 user exchange among developers’ apps. There are no advertisers but only exchangers. So if you want to get a bigger Chinese user base, you may consider to use Appflood.
And if you only want to make money from your Chinese traffic, maybe the simplest way is just to find a agent company that help you localize your app and there are lots of successful examples. As far as I know, big agents like tencent, sohu…BTW, appflood also help oversea developer publish their games in China though:)

I’ve got some e-mails from Chinese agents (Letang I remember - are they good?). Which could you recommend? I don’t remember tencent, sohu…

Sorry thati haven’t heard about this letang company before so I can’t say anything about this company…but here is one agent
I know that is doing not bad in China Services | ??? Beijing Chukong Technology Co.,Ltd.
This company is also famous for its game called Fishing joy
You can have a look though:)