Children own Android phones, Google Play becomes a kindergarten?

This is getting ridiculous; the only persons that seem to rate my apps are children or young adolescents. Ok, some ratings are positive, and some are extremely negative. But my apps are not made for them. My apps are made for people that have serious engagement in musical activities (singing, playing an instrument). Of course children can do that to, but to get the meaning of the apps, you need to have reached some educational level. Maturity ratings seems to have no effect at all. I get ratings from children who look less then 10 year old. To put it crudely: I do not want them to lay their fingers on my app! How can we prevent that Google Play becomes a kindergarten, and the only way to get nice reviews is to please the undeveloped brains of children? How can I get to the right ‘target group’ on Google Play?

You can try to change the content rating to: mature.

Or don’t worry about it. With the way the review system currently works it’s hard to achieve 4.0 even on a very good and polished app anyway.

try this: check the country of most children using your app and disable that country for couple of weeks.

it’s global problem, for example I have apps to download LEGAL music like creative common or classic, so I have comments “no one direction, die!”, “no justin bieber, **** you”, “i want one direction”!

But how we can check children if they use app?

Turn on camera, take picture and process it and send the result? :cool: