Chicken chicken (flappy runner) [Free game]

World Adventures is full of dangers that await us at every step, or persecuted. Enter the world of adventures, help the hen to get expensive and difficult not to get caught in the cold and iron-paw enemy pursuer. Deftly maneuvers between obstacles prekryvayuschimi way. Collect naughty bewildered chickens. Accelerates to escape from the combine. Speeding you lose energy, but every saved tsiplenok give you new strength!

  • Tilt the device left or right to maneuver.
  • Tapai across the screen to accelerate.
  • Pinch the screen to make a run.
  • Each tap-jump takes energy, but …
  • Each chicken restore power 5 times more.
  • FreeRun.
  • Easy operation with one finger + accelerometer.

I believe you might need English translation in the description.