checked ios7?

I’m just downloading that for my ipad, anyone used it?

Not yet, but my iPad is gathering dust. I don’t like iOS much. I bought iPad only for development.

@Magnesus, do you think you should have bought some second hand apple device for development as you are not using it for regular use.

I bought it to lower my taxes, so second hand could’ve cost me more. :wink: And it’s only iPad Mini.

I’ve checked it ,its a wonderful refresh , the speed and all is good also , i wonder how they manage such fluid animations which android phones lack… :expressionless:

I don’t see any difference in fluidity of animations, even on my old Xperia with Android 2.3 to be honest. And my iPad is slower at starting apps than my Note 10.1 - it hides it behind splash screen and animation so it’s not that noticable. I really don’t much like iOS, so I am a little biased though. :slight_smile: And the new colors in iOS 7 make my eyes bleed. :slight_smile:

I have an iPad 2 (which I won in a competition). Just updated to iOS 7 the other day. My first impression: one of the designers must have been an Android fan :stuck_out_tongue: The new system font, lock-screen and icon style look much more like Android 4.x than iOS 6 in my opinion.

yes. They are mixing android, ios and WP. The last conference where ios7 was revealed had developers coming out and saying ios is getting “inspiration” from Android. Now whether it is inspiration or lack of Steve Jobs, they know it very well.

I guess when they do it it’s inspiration, and when android does it, it’s patent infringement.

Its made by jonathan ive , who had these ideas even 4-5 years back , but jobs wasnt a big fan of that , anyways the splash trick is very smart! :slight_smile: lets see what the kitkat brings for us devs, an api which abstracts all fragmentation issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Jony Ive Redesigns Things - I love this parody

haha, thats really funny, he does love gradients!

No, he loves “only” gradients. :smiley:

Exactly my thoughts, though i don’t own it i have seen one with my friend. And he said he is having a slight issue of battery draining. I wonder if others are having same problem.

Guide for IOS7
[](Guide for IOS7 [url) I think that will help you, since the video of it looks great. Kelly"]
I think that will help you, since the video of it looks great.

Guide for IOS7
Guide for iOS 7 Explainer Videos Show You What is Guide for iOS 7
I think that will help you, since the video of it looks great.