Check translation quality

Hi, I used a translation service for my app and now I want to check if the website is well readable for those kind of native speakers.
Do you know such services?

what is the language translated to ?

15 different languages
The most important: chinese, japanese, korean, portuguese, arabic

Well, what I couldn’t understand …??I mean you can always try using Google Translate service for that ! Are you trying to do something different ?

I can help with Arabic

But it isn’t a guarantee that the quality is ok and the context of the translations is right. So the quality checker should check my app if every translation is set into the right context.

@Pharaoh, do you have skype?

Well, I don’t think you can find an online tool which gives you the guarantee that yes I’ll stamp on it other than the person who is native speaker over their ! What I can do is I can show you the best option and Google Translate is something which I found perfect ! So, you can use it and late if you find any mistake you can always correct that in terms of bug fix updates !

Try Ackuna Translate - Free Translation Service for Apps, Websites and Software they have both free and paid service

The website is already translated by professional native speakers, but with string translations.
So I don’t know if they got the right context, because some users complaint about them.

Well, if it’s already translated by professional native speakers then why are you worrying much about it ?? I would say there’s no reason to worry about … :wink: