Check out AerServ's latest Android and iOS SDK - Boost revenue


Just wanted to let you guys we’ve just released our latest Android and iOS SDKs. They’re packed with some great new features and improvements, such as our proprietary cross type optimizer. This allows our publishers to achieve industry leading fill rates and maximize revenue by optimizing between innovative ad units.

Some benefits of integrating with AerServ:

  • Light weight SDK: Integration is quick and easy!
  • Speedy payment: Net30 via PayPal, Wire or Check.
  • Full control over ad unit behavior, frequency and campaign filtration.
  • Offer high paying campaigns from Fortune 500 companies and branded advertisers.
  • Attractive eCPMs $5-10.
  • 100% Google Play Compliant

Stop wasting your time with dying ad units such as banners and try our video interstitials that yield 15x higher revenue.

Leave me a message if you have any questions or create an account at Aerserv