cheapest CPI advertising?

AppBrain is great but they charge $0.20 per install. I’m looking for something really small, like under 10 cents. I heard of mobango but they need time to get my app approved. It doesn’t have to be USA traffic either. I think anything besides China will work for my app. Where can I advertise my app with a very small bid?

Does not mobango limit to downloads from mobango, which in itself is not huge traffic.

Yes that’s true but idc as long as it generates downloads. If I spend $100 and able to get 3000 downloads (at .03 CPI) then that’s great. Even if it takes a few days to reach that goal. But with app brain I only get around 500 downloads and the return on that investment is very small.

So you calculated your average lifetime value of a user, and you want to buy installs for less than that?

Usually people buy installs to rise in rankings, which increases organic installs, hopefully with a lasting effect. That’s not the case when the downloads occur in Mobango of course.

Precisely. Looking to get cheap downloads. I’m not really concerned about rankings.

How can you not be concerned about rankings? If you’re concerned about downloads you should be concerned about rankings, too. Why would you be interested to get only paid users when you can also get free ones?

Because it doesn’t matter to me. It’s less effort to just promote the app and make a good profit from it. I haven’t checked my rankings and I’m getting 300-400 downloads a day. If I can get free installs, cool. But I won’t stress about that.

Appbrain would pretty much be the cheapest choice this time of year. Take another look at Facebook SDK and their mobile app install ads after this holiday rush. I was able to get CPI lower than 0.20 at scale with FB

I also wanted to add that $0.03 for USA install is candy land price, if you can achieve or broker a deal at that cost, let me know, I will buy all the installs you can offer.

any updates guys? is there anymore cheaper than appbrain?

yes, there are lots off app network available… i used & - a such a mobile app marketing platform, its really good and cheapest then others…

Try us ( ) Prices start at $0.10+ per install.
Use this coupon code: IRTK5 when you register…

I’ve found that ayeT-Studios: Home is the most reputable for cheap installs (incentivized) for as little as $0.091 per install. Although it’s incentivized, you can buy high retention installs - 3 days - for about $0.165 per install I think.

He has a thread on this forum:

At [b]Supersonic[/b], you can start with 0.05$ per install. Plus we’re having great promotions! PM me if you want 50$ to try us out.

Hi, I would like to try supersonic advertising. Can you please let me know how to get the $50.