Cheapest android installs, real users, no bots, price from $0.05

Cheapest android installs. If you seek cheaper - there will be only bots (which is obviously risky).

Question: What’s the source of these installs? Answer: two web motive platforms and own apps and games with offerwalls. 100% real users.
Question: Where these installs are from (what is the geo)? Answer: US, Germany, Spain, UK, Brazil, Italy.
Question: Can I buy installs from specified country? Answer: Yes, but it’s gonna cost a little more :slight_smile:
Question: Can I buy installs for keyword? Answer: Yes again! But again it’s gonna cost a little more:)
Question: Why are they so cheap? Answer: Used those platforms to promote own apps and games, now the amount is too high for own use.
Question: So, what’s the amount? Answer: 3-5 thousands a day!
Question: Can you do test installs to prove? Answer: Sure.
Question: What if I do not receive the amount? Answer: It’s impossible. But even it occure - refund quaranteed.
Question: Wat’s the price again? Answer: $0.05
Question: Can I receive 1000 installs for US for $ 0.05? Answer: As previously mentioned geo targeted cost more, but if you ask me gently - I’d probably confirm:)
Queston: What’s the minimum order? Answer: Basically I work from $200, but, if you ask me gently…

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With only $50 got 1000 installs and +175 positions in ranking. No comment!

Newsletter from Tapinstall: They added Vietnam in their inventory. Now the list of countries supported:

Time to register and start conquering new markets! :slight_smile:
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Alex is always ready to help. I’ve received a 300 package installs and 200 by keyword installs with high RR (3 days) for test :D. As a result I rank now 5 for that keyword. I used his service when I want to update my game on google play, 1000 package installs splitted on 5 days helps me to boost my category rank +30 position. I’m planning to buy more package installs when I have a reasonable budget and I recommend his service to everyone with a good budget :slight_smile: