Cheap, High-Retention and Large Volume incentivized Android downloads from EU/NA

Hi all,
I would like to recommend a very good CPI advertising network
I am NOT one of them but I find their services useful.

Click here to Access

It can deliver CPI downloads at the rate of $0.1 upto 9800 downloads from real devices - all delivered in one day.

It’s incentivized downloads but according to marketing research, if you buy 10k CPI incentivized installs, it will drive 10k extra organic installs easily in 2-3 months, so the CPI for organic download is REALLY low - $0.20!.

It also has 3 days retention guarantee so it’s actually cheaper than ayet-studios.

The downloads are mainly from Tier 1 countries: 3300 from UK, 100 from USA, 200 from Germany, 1700 from Russia, 650 from France, 550 from Netherlands, 300 from Sweden,
so the organic installs it drives must give rise to high ecpm.