CHARTBOOST ( you will not Receive Your Earning Balanve) NOT PAY ME ?! AND NO ANSWERS

Hello every one I had very Bad Experinse with 1 from top ad network on market
and with time i find that 50% from them scam us if you make little mouny you not get it cuz threshold and if you make a lot you have strange behaver and get ban is that fear
i had 3 month with chartboost generate 4500$ i was so happy that finally i find good network and before payment time i get 1 mail and no answer after i hope if some one from chartboost answer ???
No Low To Proutuct Us What Is mean That If ad network like that ban you and take your mouny after advertisers pay it ??
What if i have Stupid Users Who behave strange?
what if some one hit me and download my game and keep clicking or installing to get me ban?
For my case I will Spend Same mouny To get My Mouny from them Cuz they are big ad network thay not care what you will do!!
And Thay pay you if you 100 till 1000$ if more you are strange and sure one will come up say i get paid 10.000$ sorry you working there
i hope that thay deal with us as heuman and thay know thay thay are there cuz of us

Maybe they are not answering cause they dont even understand what you are trying to say.