Chartboost - The biggest scam network ever be careful

Thank god they solve my issue after a long way
And don’t forget to monetize with more than one network
Wish you a good luck



I suppose you contacted them before posting about them being a scam network ?

Yes I did, about ten times

Ok, I have never used them so got no advice to give, sadly. I wish you luck in having your account restored and your money paid.

My account had similar issue on Chartboost. I could not login my account after using chartboost for several days and there was no any email informing me what’s going on, then I have sent many letters to their support people and got no any response. But at the mean time I can still receive their news letter.
After several months, I register a new account in chartboost and ask their support team for this issue again, they finally respond me, and told me that my account had fraud activity so that they banned my account. But after some investigating, they admit they make a fault to mark my account as fraud activity. Then finally my account come back to lives…
Very bad experience on chartboost.

What was your stat that triggered the fraud flag in their system?

how many CTR and IR percentage you got with chartboost?

There’s no any stat, I just can not login chartboost and the forget-password function did not work either.

You said you have 1900$ - $2000 in your account… What are you CTR/Installs/Impressions… ???

I was getting about 20k impressions every day, and about 3% CTR as I rememberd

Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me. They always wait to get most money out of you and then when they are about to pay you they suspend your acc and don’t respond.

hearing your isuue, i think weekly payment is good for you

do you plan to use weekly payment ad network, like SinceStar

sorry to hear your matter

i really think the weekly ad network and low threshold are necessary

in the past, most people believe that the “big and famous" ad network is trusthworthy as they cannot disappear in a short time and will pay regularly.

but now, they do something make so many peopla disappoint.

so, i am here to recemmend you to have a try with SinceStar you only need 7 days to see whether it is deserved your trust.

if you are interested, PM me

You should keep on complaining until someone from chartboost contacts you, these ad networks dont like it when someone tarnishes their name.

hi mackerone
do you get your account back?
today, i get the same email, i really surprise because i have done nothing wrong so far.
i also trying to contact them and still waiting for their responds
Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 09.05.55.jpg

These ad networks check the internal signlling from android OS.
Such siganlling is missed or commented when users try to use/play apps/games vai virtual android systems such as bluestacks,youwave etc.

so i believe that many of your game users are using it vai such systems instead of real phones.

these uses are creating invalid use of the game in such networks.

few intelligent ad networks handle it and few does not.

yes,such checks are only performed when your game/app is crossing some significant revenue.

i believe that you are becoming victim to such incidents.

so as long as they will not change their logic of finding invalid activity,such things will happen.

better change the network.

I don’t think Chartboost is a scam.

Chartboost Reactivated my account thanks to allah :smiley:

really, congrats!
Please tell me what you do? i sent them email yesterday but they ignore me
and how long does it take for them to review your account?