Chartboost - MoreApps has ceased to appear and low eCPM :(


I have a issue with Chartboost MoreApps in two of my applications. I implemented it a few days ago and everything worked good. After I uploaded it on Google Play, it has stopped to work. Every time I try to test it and I try to show MoreApps dialog, just Loading appear for a few seconds and nothing happend. There is no errors in LogCat and my internet connection works well. Does it happend to some of you too?
I have also another issues with Charbtoost, very low revenue.
For example yeasterday:
Bootups: 8.12k
Impressions: 389
Installs Delivered: 6
Money Earned: $0.06
eCPM: $0.16

It looks like $0.01 per install, is this normal? I hope I did something wrong and after I fix it everything will go better, but I don’t know what… :frowning:

Double check your app settings in the chartboost dashboard. The checkbox to auto fill with network offers has to be set.

And I am having very low ecpm too lately, hope it goes up again.

chartboost sucks now I was using them for amazon I get like 20 dollar ecpm rate but only get like 3-10 impressions a day, And I had like 10,000 installs on an android apps and they only showed like 3 bootups even though google analytics show like 10,000+ people using the app.

Indeed chartboost sucks. I also experienced problems with chartboost, interstitials not showing up from time to time or it seems to be only one interstitial a day appears. The same problems with the More Apps Screen and a way too complicated and unuserfriendly dashboard. At the moment I;m only using Chartboost on Amazon, but I think I will leave it sooner or later. A better option is Adbuddiz, way more userfriendly and easy too integrate, at least for Unity3d. Only problem is applications shutted down in the background with their Unity3d Android plugin (not on IOS), but maybe they solved this.

@sysbee, why isn't autofill checked by default? I filled my More Apps Screen with publishing campaigns, should I still check it and is there also a not by default checked autofill for their interstitials?

Do you know any other Ad Networks, that provide “More Apps \ App Wall Screen” with Unity3d plugin and have good CPM? I found AppBrain, Leadbolt, InMobi …can you guys give me an advice whitch one is best to try for this purpose? I want something that give me more than just $0.01 CPI.

Btw: Regarding Chartboost MoreApps, I am a little confused, what is the difference between added Campaign and checked “Autofill with network advertising”?

When you check “Autofill with network advertising” for MoreApps we will create a list of games from network advertisers to display in the view. If you use a Campaign you can hand curate what goes in that list. Each option is beneficial for different reasons - depending on what your goals are.

Here’s a link to the documentation for MoreApps:

If anyone would like help with the other issues noted (# of issues shown, ECPM, etc.) we are always happy to be there for you. Message me your account ID and I can have someone reach out directly to explore the specifics of your campaigns.

My More Apps used to show a list of like 12 games.
I havent don’t anything to my chartboost settings or to my game, and today there is only 1 game showing in the list.
I’ve been trying it every hour for the last 8 hours, and it still only shows 1 game.
Anyone know why this could be??