Chartboost ad not showing?

Anybody from chartboost that can explain this??

It’s been months since I have an app with chartboost… But just 2 days ago, it doesn’t call any ad, it just flickers the “loading” text but nothing happens.


Had to crop it, it’s a collage app

hijacking this.

I tried Chartboost months ago and it worked just fine, but today I can’t seem to get any ads from it.
Is anyone still using it for Android? Hell, I live in Italy, I don’t really think the fill rate should be much of an issue here.

edit: not sure why this thread is in the “Marketing methods” section, but still.

I have checked my 2 games and the ads are served, but I had similar situation some time ago. I can say that some of the ads have limited count of displays (once per day or hour), that is why sometimes there might be situation when ads will not display until next day, maybe this is reason.

is chartboost good?