Changing mortgage companies question?

When I bought my house, the original mortgage company was prime lending. I liked that company. It was eventually sold to Mr. Cooper. I don’t like that company.

Is there any way to refinance my loan into another company? Maybe a shorter term loan like 20 years or something?

You definitely can do that. More than likely whoever you use to refinance will not be the servicer that you make your payments to long term but if I was doing the loan we would just make a request that the loan not go to Mr. Cooper for servicing for you.

Thank you for the answers in this thread. I was just looking for the same thing on the Internet. My old mortgage company has proven incompetent, and I would like to change them to something else. I have already found a possible candidate - Mortgage Advice Essex. They look reliable, but I need to talk to them personally before making the final decision. I want to find the easiest way to get all the paperwork done and not commit any mistakes. I hope I will find a way to do that.
Does any of you know someone who could help me with English law in this regard?