Changes in search logarithm of Google Play

Hey guys,

has anyone experienced the impact of a change in the google play search algorithm lately? I released an application for facebook, it´s a selection of videos to share with facebook. It hasn´t gotten a single download yet, and I can´t even find it in Google Play.Same goes for other apps that I released. If I enter the URL with the package name directly, I find it immediately.

I get the impression that this has also to do with the general ranking of apps, the “big” apps get ranked a lot higher than the small ones lately.

You guys share the same impression?

I’d say it’s more likely to do with the enormous competition for facebook-related apps.

In my case the number of daily downloads dropped from 500/day for two apps to 140 per day even though the search ranking is higher now.

Maybe it was because it doesn’t exist in Top New section anymore, or new competitor coming in?

I don’t know too much about that, but I’m sure that Google’s search algorithms are always changing.

Like web search, I believe Google always change their algorithms for Play store.
Who know what importance to Google search for app?