Change of account information

Hi Guys & Girls

A few weeks ago I created an Admob and Google Developer Console account using my main/everyday Gmail address. All OK there. However, I decided that I would create a new Gmail account specifically for my app development. Now, as far as the Developer Console account goes, I paid another registration fee and have requested a refund of the original account as advised by Google. The new payment is pending as is the refund.

However I need to change my login e-mail address for my Admob account, but I have no idea how to do this. When I log in, I can change the contact e-mail, but the actual login email doesn’t seem to be editable.

I found this on a Google page (

Publishers can always change their login email if they have access to the current login email address.

This seems to be just what I want need, but when I click the link, it just takes me back to the Admob login page. When I log in again, there is no specific mention of how to proceed - very frustrating!

I just want my current Admob account to be associated with my new developer Gmail address - Any ideas? Any suggestions appreciated!

When you enter something in any Google service you can not change it. I want to change my Mechant info in my Wallet and its a no go also.

I did just that a few days ago. You need to add the new account to the users list with all permissions in AdWords AND AdSense (yes, you read right).After you confirm the change with the new account, you can delete the old email from both AdSense and AdWords.

See here:

To me, this is a sign Google will merge all these services into one (Analytics, AdMob, AdSense and AdWords) at some point.

Excellent! so this will actually allow me to disassociate my original gmail with my Admob account completely? I will give it a go. Many thanks, I’ve been stuck on this for ages! :slight_smile:

Yes, it will. You’re welcome. :slight_smile: