Change admob on your app key, when the old admob closed

Admob my account is closed. Because of adsense policy violations. So I change the key in the new account admob for applications google play, the key used previously closed account. There is not and this policy violates admob.:smiley:

According to company policies, it is important to close your account when you Adsense policy violations. I have completed a custom essay meister review project and when I was working on it then listen about it. According to me, it is good and it should be. Google play store has its rules and we should follow them.

I have listened to your post when I reading news on hypefresh in Philadelphia gossip news website. But this ad mob allows you to manually add an unpublished application to an existing account. After the application is published, you can connect it to the repository to enable content sharing and we have followed the rules and regulations of google play store.

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