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Caveman Runner

Caveman Runner is an exciting game where a caveman just have to move to get to your flesh.
Jumps to reach his food avoiding the obstacles on the way and feeds the caveman, he’s not a diet.
We have created several levels so you can enjoy hours of fun with the game.
Multiple levels of play, will be exciting for anyone.
It is a simple and addictive game of adventure with simple controls, just tap the screen to make him jump.
Side-scrolling adventure through 100 challenging levels.
It aims to overcome all difficulties.


○ To play simply touch the screen to jump.
○ Avoid obstacles.
○ Clean graphics and colorful.
○ Music and sound effects.
○ Game for all ages.
○ Suitable for children.
○ Supports Phones and Tablets.
○ Hours of fun.
○ Infinite scrolling game.
○ Easy and fun to play.
○ Incredibly addictive game.
○ Endless pleasure.
○ Higher scores Share with PlayGames support.

This is a fun game for everyone.
Try it and enjoy!
Once you start, you can not stop.

Comment if you like our game or not.

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